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Toilet Seat Risers and Frames

Toilet seat risers and commode safety frames for bathroom safety

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  • Toilet-Commode Safety Frame

    Toilet-Commode Frame

    Makes entry and exit onto the toilet-commode easy and safe! Only $159.95 - Free Shipping!

  • Toilet Frame Deluxe

    Deluxe Toilet-Commode Frame

    Free Standing Toilet-Commode Frame (Ships 2/box!) - Only $169.95 - Free Shipping!

  • Deluxe Toilet Commode Seat Frame

    Deluxe Toilet Frame

    Easy to use ... Easy to Install Toilet-Commode safety Frame - Only $79.95 - Free Shipping!

  • folding commode

    Commode with Bucket and Lid

    Folding Commode w/ Bucket & Lid
    Sturdy Steel Frame
    Free Shipping - Only $89.89

  • EZ transfer board 32 Curved

    EZ Transfer Board

    EZ Patient Transfer Boards
    Sliding disc makes transfer EZ!

    3 sizes (from $239 - Free Shipping) 

  • Pediatric Commode Red

    Pediatric Commode

    Pediatric Sized Commode
    Only $169.95
    Free Shipping! 

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