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Bed Rails

Jameson Medical has a bed rails for every bed and every need including bed rails for adjustable beds.

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    Mobility Bed Rail

    Swing Out Mobility Arm - Pivots outward to provide improved walking stability.
    Only $179 - Free Shipping!



    30” Bed Rail w/ Padded Pouch

    30" Folding rail with a padded storage pouch!
    Only $114.95 - Free Shipping!


  • Traveler Bed Rail

    Traveler Bed Rail

    Weighs only 7lbs, folds for travel and even fits in a suit case.
    Only $99.95 - Free Shipping!


  • Homestyle Bed Rails

    Homestyle Bed Rails

    These are not easily lowered by the person in the bed and an attendant may be needed.
    Only $189.95 - Free Shipping!


  • Bed Rails For Adjustable Beds

    Heavy Duty Bed Rails for Adjustable Beds

    Bed Rails for Adjustable Beds mount securely to the underside of the bed and move with the head portion.
    Only $179.95 - Free Shipping!


  • Bed Cane

    Bed Cane

    A Bed Cane Makes Getting In and Out of Bed Easier.
    Only $99.95 - Free Shipping!



    EZ Adjustable Bed Rail

    Adjustable in Length, Folds to Side of Bed, and Fits Any Bed!  Our MOST Popular Bed Rail!
    Only $129.95 - Free Shipping!


  • Stable Rail bed rail

    Stable Bed Rail

    Bed Rail with Support Legs
    Free Shipping!
    Only $83.95 

  • Bed Mount Trapeze Bar

    Bed Mount Trapeze Bar

    Bed Mount Trapeze Bar
    (Floor Bracket Available) 
    $159.95 - Free Shipping

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