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Medallion Grease Free Stair Lift

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Lifetime Warranty on Motor
AND Circuit Board 
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Medallion Grease Free Stair Lift

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Buying a new stair lift?


1)  Do NOT buy an Ugly stair lift -  ... You will have to look at it every day


2) Do NOT buy a stair lift with one person in mind - ... other family members, caregivers, neighbors, and friends will use it.  It can be used as a dumbwaiter sending groceries, laundry, and suitcases up and down the stairs.  It will be needed if someone unexpectedly sprains an ankle.


3) Do NOT buy a stair lift that needs to be greased every 90-120 days (*EVERY rack and pinion model requires grease).  If you grease your track as required ... the grease WILL end up on your carpets, floors, grandkid's hands ... and eventually your walls.


Get the GREASE FREE Medallion Stair Lift ... believe me ... you will thank us later. 


Mounts to the steps - NOT the wall.
Plugs into a standard wall outlet.
Lifetime Warranty on ALL parts (2 years on batteries)
24/7 access to service tech.
Folds to 13.5 inches.
Smooth & Quiet Operation.
Call/Send Remotes Included.
Safety Sensors on Footrest.
Seat turns 90 degrees and locks into position at top.
Seat Belt included.
Most Reliable system on the market!