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Mat Tables

  • Accessory Mat

    Accessory Mats

    Made to fit Raised Rim Mat Tables, these extra big sizes are ideal for floor exercises.
    Starting at $299.95 - Free Shipping!

  • B450 Raised Rim Mat Table

    B450 Raised Rim Mat Table

    Raised Rim Mat Tables feature a 1 1/4" rounded raised rim.
    Prices Start at $519.95 - Free Shipping!

  • Wall Mounted Mat Table

    B45-8E Wall Mounted Mat Platform Table

    4' x 7' x 20" with 2" top
    Only $919 - Free Shipping!

  • Raised Rim Manual Hi-Low Mat Table

    Hi-Low Mat Tables

    All the quality features that a professional demands for an efficient and economical department starting at $2,200 Free Dock-to-Loading Dock Shipping!

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