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Floor Mounted Parallel Bars

  • Quick ship 10' Parallel Bars

    Quick Ship Parallel Bars

    Quick Ship Parallel Bars - IN STOCK 10' long, 1-1/2" diameter handrail
    FREE Shipping - On Sale - 895!

  • Floor Mounted Parallel Bars

    Floor Mounted Parallel Bars

    These extremely versatile and economic bars are ideal where space allows a permanent installation.
    From $1,095 - Free Shipping!

  • Parallel Bars

    Space Saver Bar

    The addition of this space saver bar doubles your usable walking area and requires only a little more floor space.
    From Only $489 - Free Shipping!

  • Parallel Bars

    Hemiplegic Parallel Bars

    These bars enable stroke patients and others who have strength and mobility on only on side of the body to walk alone or with assistance as long and as far as needed.
    Starting at Just $889 - Free Shipping!

  • Parallel Bars

    Cross Tie Parallel Bars

    Never before has one set of free-standing parallel bars offered so many desirable features

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