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AC-350 Stair Lift

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350 lb Capacity  - $1889 (Save $500!)
Self Install or Fully Installed
A/C Powered - Dependable Workhorse
New - Winch Drive - Lifetime Warranty


Manufacturer : Harmar

Stair Lift

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  • Stair Lift
  • Stair Lift Folds Neatly Out of The Way
  • Swivels 90 Degrees at Top and Bottom
  • Smooth and Safe Riding Stair Lift
  • Stair Lift Has Safety Sensors Making It Safe Around Children and Pets
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  • Stair Lift Colors
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     The AC350E Stair Lift is for those who are looking for a basic (yet dependable) stair lift system. This AC powered Stair Lift system, simply plugs into a standard wall outlet.  No special wiring or dedicated circuit required (draws only 6.5 amps - less energy than a vacuum cleaner!). AC350E Stair Lift model is a true workhorse and will provide years of dependable use.  It contains no circuit boards or batteries. 

   The Stair Lift unit comes with two call / send controls (you can call the chair to you or send it away from either end of the staircase) and a large (easy to use) rocker switch on the end of the armrest.  Your can have choice of the wide or standard seat (no extra charge at Jameson Medical), all the hardware needed for installation, an instruction manual, 18' of power cord to reach outlets a bit further away, and Jameson Medical's unmatched 24/7 customer support.  The safety proven Stair Lift winch system is the same technology used in most elevators.

          We feel the beauty of this Stair Lift system is the simplicity. If you are looking for good, basic, dependable, and economic transportation, then look no further!  Call us today at 877-585-4042 to discuss if this Stair Lift model is right for your needs.

  • Simple Stair Lift installation

  • Stair Lift Installs on either side of staircase

  • Stair Lift Mounts to the stairs - not the wall

  • Stair Lift Travel up to 20 feet

  • Extruded aircraft grade aluminum track is factory cut to custom fit your stairs

  • Stair Lift Track only takes up 10” of staircase and chair and footrest folds to 14” from wall

  • Stair Lift Unit-controls mount on either armrest

  • Foot or finger-activated call controls for wall or floor mounting at top and bottom of stairs, or optional wall-mounted call/send controls

  • Constant-pressure controls stop the stair lift the instant you release the control

  • Stair Lift Limit switches automatically shut unit off at the top and bottom of the stairs

  • Footrest safety sensors stop the lift should it contact anything on the stairs

  • Wide, comfortable seat swivels and locks at 45° and 90° at landing for safe and easy Stair Lift entry and exit

  • Safety switch prevents stair lift from running when seat is not in proper position

  • Stair Lift  has a 350 lb capacity: aircraft cable rated for 4,200 lbs

  • Choice of tough naughahyde upholstry in three colors  (Almond, Mocha, Green)

  • Stair Lift Operates on standard household current, 115 VAC, 15 AMP minimum grounded circuit

  • Stair Lift  has Smooth starts and stops

  • Stair Lift Warranty: 5 Year Factory Warranty or optional LIFETIME (parts/powertrain) labor not included

  • Stair Lift Made in America

*Installation does NOT include ANY Electrical Work or Staircase Modification.




Stair Lift Capacity
350 lbs. (one person)

Stair Lift Electrical requirements
115 VAC, 15 AMP minimum grounded circuit

Stair Lift Maximum travel
20 feet

Stair Lift Speed
20 feet per minute

Stair Lift Incline limits
30 to 45 degrees

Stair Lift Brake
Self-locking worm gear

Stair Lift Drive system
3/16” dia. aircraft cable

Stair Lift Motor
AC Units: 1/3 HP 90 VDC Reversible
UL and CUL listed components


The SL350 A/C stair lift is an extremely reliable stair lift design. The A/C powered unit mounts directly to the stair treads (steps) and then plugs into a standard electrical outlet. This stair lift does not need any special wiring or dedicated circuit (it draws 6.5 amps - less energy than a standard vacuum cleaner!). SL350 A/C stairlift  is considered to be a trusty workhorse and will provide many years of dependable service. It contains no circuit boards or batteries to fail. The stair chair unit comes with dual call / send controls (you can call the chair lift to you or send it away from either end of the staircase) and an easy to use rocker switch located on the end of the stair lift armrest. Your also have a choice between the standard or wide seat (no extra charge from Jameson Medical), all the necessary hardware for installation, the instruction manual, 18 foot power cord so you can plug it in – top or bottom. The time proven winch design of this stair lift is the same technology found in most elevators. The beauty of the stair chair lift is the shear simplicity. If you desire a good, basic, very dependable, and extremely economic transportation, then here it is! Call 877-585-4042 to determine if this SL350 A/C stair lift model is right for your particular needs. Very simple stair lift installation.  Stair lift can be installed on either side of your staircase. Stair Lift mounts directly to the steps - not the wall.  Stair lift can travel up to 19 feet. Extruded aluminum track will be factory cut to custom fit your staircase.  Stair Lift track takes up about 10” of staircase and the chair and footrest folds to 14” from wall.  Most people do not fold up the seat as it only gains about an inch.  Stair Lift Unit-controls can be mounted on either armrest, your choice.  The stair lift will come with wall-mounted call/send controls at both top and bottom of stair lift.  A constant-pressure switch stops the stair lift the moment you release the switch.  (You must hold the switch the entire time you are riding – Federal Regulation).  Limit switches will automatically shut the stair lift off at the top and bottom of the staircase.  Footrest safety sensors located around the perimeter of the footrest stop the stair lift should it contact anything on the stairs.  The comfortable seat will swivels and lock at 45° and 90° at either landing for safe entry and exit from the stair lift.  A safety switch prevents the stair lift from moving when seat is not in the proper position.  The stair lift has a capacity of 350 lbs. The cable is aircraft grade and is rated at 4,200 lbs.  The seat is covered in tough naughahyde upholstery and is available in three color choices (Almond, Mocha, Green).  The stair lift operates on household current, 115 VAC, a standard 15 or 20 AMP grounded circuit.  The SC350 A/C stair lift features smooth starts and smooth stops.  New Stair Lift Warranty: Full 5 Year Factory Warranty or an optional LIFETIME (parts/powertrain).  Labor fees are not included.  Stair Lift Proudly Made in the USA.  Whether you call it a stair lift , stair chair, or stairglide … we’ll be glad to send you one.



 Chassis & Drive Train

1. No oil / vent plug in gear – the gearbox is sealed and is filled with grease instead of traditional gear oil. This means no chance of leaking or spillage. The gear is one of the largest in the stairway lift market today. The aluminum casting used in its design allows for lighter weight to go with its maximum performance.

2. Drive system – a belt is used between the motor and gear instead of a direct connection as manufacturers were unable to guarantee the elimination of key noise between a coupled drive system. It also simplifies serviceability.

3. Motor – Through the design of a dual capacitor system, the instant reversing motor (1/3 hp, 110vac) uses only 3 wires and runs at 6 amps at full load. This allows installation in the home without need for a dedicated outlet.

4. Aircraft cable – using 3/16” dia. Cable instead of traditional 1/8” dia. Cable allows for a breaking strength of 4200 lbs. vs. 2000 lbs. The cable wraps on an aluminum cast drum, grooved for each wrap. This eliminates noise and problems caused by stack winding issues. The cable system is direct drive – meaning there are no pulleys and the cable does not move.


Customer Features
1. Seat – the seat is wide for larger passengers and has the following features:

Optional colors – Almond, Mocha, and Evergreen 

A large, easy to use rocker switch on the armrest

Angled arm rests for added comfort and allows for transport of a laundry basket to transport laundry, groceries, pets, etc.

A 3-position adjustable height back rest for optimum comfort

180 degree swivel as standard

2. Unit – the chassis has several unique features as well:

A 2 position adjustable height footrest for persons of varying height and disabilities

Eight rollers instead of the traditional four. This gives a more consistent ride with less movement. It also cuts in half the load on each roller eliminating flat spots and premature roller wear

3. Track – features of the aluminum extruded track include:

A completely smooth bottom. This allows the lift to sit firmly on the stair noses and reduces permanent ridges or marks left once the lift is removed.

Track splices located immediately next to the roller channels to provide for an optimum ride at each splice – not on the bottom of the track.

Conduit channels in the track to reduce installation time and improve the look of the overall installation. This eliminates holes in the wall / stairs.