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Chariot Curved Star Lift

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Curved Stair Lifts to Fit ANY staircase
Prices start at $9,995
350 lb Capacity - STANDARD
$$ Financing Available $$

Curved Stair Lift

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For Seat Colors - See small inset picture above.
For Rail Colors  - See (over 200 colors!!)

One quick phone call to 877-585-4042 and we can tell you -

Why this system is SUPERIOR to ANYTHING else on the market!
Why you do not want a monorail system.
Why you want a 350 lb rated system ... and NOT an "Upgrade" to 350 lbs.

 Describe your staircase and we will provide you with a firm written quote within 60 seconds!


Individual designs for individual solutions.

Space-saving engineering works in very narrow staircases.
The Chariot Curved Stair Lift can be installed in old or new construction.
Chariot Curved Stair Lifts can be personalized -  choose from several color options!
Exterior (Galvanized Metal) Curved Stair Lifts are avilable for steep stairs with a grade of up to 75°.
The Chariot Curved Stair Lift is the optimal solution for any curved staircase.
The lift allows the rider sit and stand safely at the top or bottom floors.  Ride from floor to floor.

*Sorry - Installation does NOT include ANY Electrical Work or Staircase Modification.


**GUARANTEED to be LESS Expensive than ANY Comparable Brand!!

**No need to pay an "Upgrade Fee" for a 350 lb model  (Don't Settle for Less!)


(Installation NOT Available in CA, GA, or WA - you will need a local contractor)


Curved stair lift prices vary based on the number of turns and total length of track. We use a digital measuring camera to insure accuracy of the measurements and angles.


Basic Lift Pricing Includes - 

2 Charging Stations, 
2 Remote Controls,
Steel Tubular Rail,
As many Curves 90 or 180 Degrees as you need, 
and a Seat Belt 

Each rail is hand-made and bent into form.  The gear rack is welded on and then powdercoated is your choice of color.  Once the paint has dried, the rails are packaged in foam wrap, crated, and sent to the installer.  (You won't have to deal with the delivery process.)



*What to consider when evaluating curved stair lifts - (a couple of pointers)

Do NOT get a curved lift that will not support a MINIMUM of 350 lbs.  (That's the minimum standard for quality and durability)
*And don't get rapped by the "Available Upgrade to 350 lbs".  That has been known to be nothing more than a sticker change.  Additionally, if they do upgrade the motor - the rest of the design can't handle the additional weight.

ADD up all of the competitor's hidden costs (cutting fees, shipping, installation, etc)  *NO Hidden costs at Jameson Medical!

Don't settle for a used or refurbished unit.  You won't find one that is an exact match to your staircase.  These units are custom made.  Chances are ... the competition is NOT going to have one that is a perfect match.  More than likely it is another scam or sales trick  (the old "Bait and Switch")... not to be trusted!  

BEWARE of the "Brands" that say they offer the "Best Warranty in the Business" ... 5 years on Drive Train / 10 years on Track is certainly NOT the "Best Warranty".  Jameson Medical offers a Free LIFETIME Warranty on ALL parts.  That includes the motor AND circuit board, switches, remotes, and everything else but the batteries.  2 year warranty on the batteries.


Call us today for "a firm written price within 60 seconds!"

Chariot Curved Stair Lifts features Individual configurations for individual and unique solutions. The stairlift utilizes a Space-saving design and works in narrow staircases. The Chariot Curved Stair Lift can be installed in old and new construction - residential or commercial.  Numerous configurations with multiple stopping stations (various levels) can be easily designed and professionally installed.  Our Stair Lifts can be personalized - choose from several colors for the track and seating.  Exterior Chariot Curved Stair Lifts are galvanized to protect against the weather and are available for steep stairs with a grade of up to 75°.  The Chariot Curved Lift is the best solution for any curved staircase or staircase with a square landing (or pie shaped steps) in the middle. The lift has a verified weight capacity of 350 lbs.  Please don’t settle for a stair lift that only carries 285 lbs.  (or forces you to pay for an “upgrade”!)  This stair lift allows you ride from floor to floor.   An optional powered swivel seat at the top is available for a nominal fee.  *Our Lift Installation does NOT include ANY required Electrical Work or any Staircase Modification (other than handrail removal - usually not required).  Plugs into a standard wall outlet.  Stair lifts are commonly referred to as stair chairs, stair lifters, stairglides, stair gliders, and lift chairs.  We don’t care what you call it … we’ve got you covered. Stair lifts can help you to remain in your home for many years.  All of our stairlifts are considered to be safe and reliable and have been approved for consumer use by the FDA and Federal Elevator Commission. Proper maintenance and annual stair lift inspections are highly recommended.  The Chariot curved stair lift is battery operated.  Stair lift batteries are guaranteed for 2 years … circuit board for life. Please feel free to call us with your stair lift needs.  Toll free – 877-585-4042  Your staircase will be measured with a camera system that measures to 1/100th of an inch for accuracy.  Once the pictures are taken, mechanical drawings of your new stair lift are produced for approval.  Once approved, your stair lift is manufactured one piece at a time and shipped directly to your home.  Installation takes the better part of a day.  Your chair lift is guaranteed for life!