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Customer Testimonials
Thanks for a job well done.  The Harmar AC350 system is great and I installed it in one afternoon.  Works wonderful."
David D. Sterling, VA
"Just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for your companies great service, valuable help prior to purchase and also your informative video's that eased in installation once the stairlift arrived. It installed without any issues at all. Works great and my wife is extremely happy.
    We researched very carefully for about 4 months prior to deciding that the Summit lift was hands down the best value on the market. Too many war stories on the other brands. Mostly to do with customer service. We almost bought an Acorn lift. Glad we did not do that. The Acorn folks were hard to contact and terrible about returning calls before that sale. Needless to say, we changed our minds very fast on that one. Plus we discovered that they use a circuit board that costs over $1000.00 to replace should it go bad. And of course all or most pieces are proprietary making them very unattractive to us. I just hate it when folks pull you in with overdesigned, complex and proprietary equipment. Whereas once we received the Summit lift it was easy to see why this lift is so popular. There may be a few stairlifts that cosmetically have more "bling" factor. But we do not care about that. Once installed the Summit has plenty of "Bling". More than that, it is easy to see that the craftsmanship is second to none. The neutral color blends with any decor I think and the operation of the lift is smooth. I am a fabricator and can see that this lift was designed with tremendous thought placed on servicing. Oh, by the way, being able to keep the rails clean inside of our home is a no brainer. Most lifts have to have the nasty grease on the drive rack. They claim to be smoother. Maybe so, not sure of that as we have discovered that the cable unit is plenty smooth. With an indoor pet the last think we needed was to have cat hair all over the grease on the other style of lift. That may be fine for a garage door opener, but this is our home and not a greasy garage.
    With all of this said, we rate you guys at A+ at this point. Time will tell if we feel the same way in the event of a service issue. But from what we have seen so far we are sure all will be great if we need you for that at some point.
    In closing let me say that each time I called prior to purchase, I always received prompt help, packed with needed information. And trust me, I had questions. I believe the mans name was Brian that helped me. We must have chatted 10 times prior to purchase. And each time he was patient with me and my list of questions."
Blessings to you and yours, Barry S
Rainier, Oregon
"My mother recently moved in with my family and I, and a lot of the house was not accessible to her because of her hip problem. We started looking into stair lift companies to help her with getting around the house. After some searching we came across Jameson Medical who had some of the cheapest stair lifts nationwide and even offered us a lifetime warranty as well which was something that a lot of other companies did not offer. The install crew that they sent out to us was very friendly as well and in no time at all had all of the equipment ready to go. We purchased many things through them such as a stair lift, electric wheel chair, and even a bed lift, and received extremely high quality products at an affordable price. My husband and I are considering adding a back patio area to the house this summer and if we do we will definitely be calling this company back to install an outdoor stair lift for us as well."
Patricia J.  Greensboro, NC
"Just a quick note to let you know that we got our repaired exam table today. Thank you so much for not only the high quality, custom made tables, but also the EXCELLENT customer service! We are very pleased with the exam tables, and can guarantee that we will be purchasing at least 3 more of the regular size tables from you as soon as we can afford to do so. Starting a new practice is hard enough, but we definitely made a good decision in purchasing tables from your company. Delivery was prompt, and when there was some minor damage at the time of delivery, you took care of getting the table picked up, repaired, and shipped back in what I would consider near record time! A friend of ours went a different route in her practice, and not only did she pay more, but the quality and service left much to be desired! I really appreciate the great service and will definitely recommend your company to anyone who inquires.  Thanks again!" "
Dr. Katherine A. Abbott  Louisville Area Pediatrics PSC

In late 2008 I bought a Summit Chair Lift from you for my Mom, Beverly. It was shipped to her house in San Jose, CA 95124. My son and I flew out to California (I live in Indiana) and, per your advice, installed the chair ourselves. It was easy.Since that time the chair has been great. And, as a tribute to you and Summit, any initial issues we had were handled well by you and Mike Vogt, other Summit staff members. A truly great tale of customer service and care. You guys even found the firm, in Santa Cruz, CA, to come and check it for my Mom.Anyway, my Mom passed away recently and I am now trying to clear up here affairs. I thought I would reach out to you, and find out if you knew of anyone in need of the chairlift? I am hoping another family can be helped in the way we were and I would be happy to know the lift went to someone in need. Let me know your thoughts.

Even though I lost my Mom, its people like you who remind me of those who actually are out there and care.

Mike M.


You people are unbelieveable, the four power units and four chairs arrived this morning. Two boxes, I figure the tracks,  were likely put on someone else's truck or were so buried in his load that our driver could not immediately locate them, but they will arrive of that I am confident.
The bank notified us that the transfer had arrived and Florence made out the check, she will be taking it to the post office shortly. 
The contrast between you good people and that other lot is day vs. night, when all is in place you will get pictures and a letter of praise that you may use in any way you see fit. I am writing this rather than phoning because I am speechless.

 Warm Regards, 

Robert and Florence


Many thanks for  all your help.  Your customer support is outstanding.

Roger F.     Santa Cruz, CA